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Wright Academics News and Announcements

After School Homework Help

The program will run from 4-6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and is an in-center program where kids can come after school for homework support under the direction of a homework tutor/coach. Lower, Middle, and Upper School Students welcome.

Monthly | Quarterly

*Discounted rates for siblings available.

  • 1 day/week = $125 month to month/$99 per month if paid quarterly (3 months)
  • 2 days/week = $225 month to month/$199 per month if paid quarterly (3 months)
  • Drop-In rate for Student Portal Manager subscribers only – $60/day for two hours

Student Portal Manager

Behind the scenes coach creating personalized and prioritized task lists for your student through access to their school’s online learning platform. Lists sent to student & parents weekly on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday between 4-6pm.

  •  A Wright Academics coach will be matched with your student.
  • The coach will have access to your student’s school portal where they’ll create personalized & prioritized task lists for your student.
  • The coach will create a list of assignments indicating their order of importance/time sensitivity.
  • An updated list will be sent directly to both the student & parent between 4-6pm each Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday.
  • Access to our in-person Homework Help program
  • held on Tuesdays & Thursdays 4-6pm.

Monthly |  Quarterly  | School Year

Virtual support Monday | Tuesday | Thursday

  • $99 per month if paying month to month
  • $89/month if paying for the quarter (3 months)
  • $79/month if paying for the school year (prorated and in coordination with your student’s school calendar)

Homework Help + Student Portal Manager

  • 2 days of HW help/week + SPM – $320/month if paying monthly // $275 if paid quarterly (3 months)
  • 1 day of HW help/week + SPM –  $199/month if paying monthly // $175/month if paying quarterly (3 months)

My dyslexic daughter worked with Tracy at Wright Academics on ACT prep and strategy and her composite score went up by 4 points! Tracy helped her come up with a strategy that was tailored to her strengths so she could maximize her time. This was time and money well spent! Tracy has been instrumental in helping her with her college application essays, resume and applications. She’s phenomenal and has such a great way of putting stressed out teens at ease and supporting them to have success!

—Liz, Parent

My daughter has been tutoring at Wright Academics since elementary school. She is currently in 12th grade and in the middle of her college search. Without the support she has had at Wright she would not have the academic success that she is currently enjoying. The staff and tutors at Wright Academics are professional, accommodating and extremely smart. They find a way to not only teach your child but to connect with them as well. Wright Academics takes the pressure off of you as a parent to figure out the subject and then find a way to teach your child. The tutors are profoundly knowledgeable and have no problem with teaching, chemistry, physics or history. I will forever be grateful for the relationships my daughter has developed with her tutors over the years. Thank you Wright Academics!

—Rochelle Frank

Wright Academics has a wide range of tutors with skills to address a range of academic and executive function needs. They also use empirically valid interventions for reading, which I find to be vital. However, one of the most important reasons that I refer to Wright Academics is that Ev Wright is very thorough and thoughtful about matching a child with the correct tutor. She cares a great deal about the children and families in her group and is always receptive to feedback.

—Dr. Beth Bodnar, Psychologist