Summer Offerings

S.A.S. Summer Assignment Support

Summer is here and school is officially over! We know this is a time to kick back and enjoy some sun, but along with vacations, waterparks, and cookouts comes summer reading/writing and math work. So let us help! During July and August you can send your student and their summer work to us for individual support in a small group setting. They’ll have the opportunity to be guided by a tutor to assist in task management, content support, and work completion. Don’t let those summer academic tasks bog you down; let us take the stress out of it all so your family can live up the summer! 

  • Summer Assignment Support (K-5) – Tuesdays 4-6pm
  • Summer Assignment Support (6-12) Wednesdays 4-6pm
  • 4 sessions in July – $149
  • 4 sessions in August -$149
  • Or buy all 8 sessions – $249

College Essay Support

Yes school is over for the year, but it’s time to think ahead and get prepared while the academic season slows down! This summer, send your student to Wright Academics for individual support in a small group setting every Sunday in July and/or August from 4-6pm. A tutor will guide your student through the whole process, from landing on a topic to final revisions. Don’t miss this opportunity!

  • 4 sessions in July – $149
  • 4 sessions in August -$149
  • Or buy all 8 sessions – $249

IEW Writing Workshop for 4th-6th Graders

Institute for Excellence in Writing Workshop:

Build Confidence with Impactful Writing

Join Briget Koch, a licensed educator for over 30 years who has taught language arts for elementary, middle and high school students. She is fully accredited in the IEW approach, and will guide your student in writing through the use of one of the most comprehensive programs out there.

What is the IEW approach?

  • A unique approach that uses strategies proven to be effective for students of all ages and levels of ability
  • Takes the complex process of writing and breaks it into much smaller and more manageable chunks
  • Designed to develop students’ ability to write with great organizational structure and artistic style
  • A method that helps students become confident and competent communicators and thinkers through writing
  • From day one, students will build confidence in their writing skills through a series of incremental steps

Writing can and should be fun, so sign up today to let your student explore a tried and true method that is sure to enhance their writing ability and confidence!

Two Thursdays in July – 11th and 18th from 3:00-4:30pm

Grades 4th-6th / $129 for the series