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Young Readers Are Future Leaders

Karen Macfarlane | August 10th-14th; 9-11 a.m. | $215

Students ages 5-9. The goal of this program is to prepare students for their return to school, prevent “summer slide,” and provide ongoing support to emerging, struggling, and dyslexic readers. This program will focus on the big 5 of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension within a physically active, multisensory, and fun environment! Students will learn through rhymes, poetry, songs, oral reading, and storytelling.

“Oh the Places You’ll Go” Multi-Sensory Math Workshop

Holly Luttman | August 3rd-6th ; 9-11 a.m. | $215

Students will participate in multi-sensory math activities designed to keep students excited and engaged. Activities include cook around the world with numbers, scoot your toot through the enchanted forest of numbers, storytelling with math facts and team competitions. Students will leave the program with a better understanding of fractions, number lines, measurements, geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

ELA the Wright Way

Samantha Dougherty | July 13th-16th; 9-11 a.m. | $215

Students will start by looking at non-fiction text while using fun rotational strategies like “around the world.” Students will use these texts as inspiration to write their very own informational writing samples. This workshop is a great way to tap into both foundational and more advanced skills. At the end of the program, students will be better able to analyze text understand the parts of a story, like main idea and supporting details.


Middle School

Stay Camp

Liz Longenecker | June 29th-July 2nd | 1-3 p.m. | $215

Students will learn how to properly incorporate their research/text evidence, cite their sources and develop technically sound and grammatically correct paragraphs in the context of a travel brochure/website. Students will select a location of their own (real, imagined, visited, or desired). Middle Schoolers will develop a 5-paragraph essay, including a grabber, context, thesis, research, and images/video in the process of formatting their brochure or website.

Vacation by Numbers

Eileen Thiessen | July 6-9; 1-3 p.m. | $215

Students will plan a vacation to the place of their choice. Students will decide on a destination and desired activities while coordinating travel logistics, lodging, and transportation within the confines of a budget. At the end of the program, students will create a brochure or power point presentation that describes their vacation and the final cost. Students will learn how to do calculations on Excel, budgeting basics, writing skills, and how to create graphics.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Samantha Dougherty | July 20th-23th | 9-11 a.m. | $215

Students will look at a variety of both fiction and non-fiction short stories while incorporating fun reading strategies like “reading circles” to incorporate partner work! Students will analyze the stories in order to expand upon students’ understanding of content like character traits, main idea, supporting details, and vocabulary. 

High School

High School Writer’s Toolbox

Tracy Wallace | June 29th-July 2nd; 4-6 p.m. | $215

High School aged. Writer’s Toolbox will cover writing basics that seem to vex most students such as the proper use of a semi-colon and omitting needless words (hello, SAT’s favorite questions!). Come prepared to grow in an interactive group setting and laugh as you learn.
This program will teach how to use the active voice (including the best verbs for history, English and science writing) and how to make sentence constructions more complex. The student will discover how to take their writing to the next level while diving into style tips and how to tackle the long research essay.

Money 101: Never Too Early to Begin

Chris Mann | July 13-16; 1-3 p.m. | $215

Money 101: Never Too Early to Begin will give students the tools to understand their finances and start planning for their financial future. Students will learn about budgeting, good debt vs. bad debt, philanthropy, and student loans. Other areas covered include living below one’s means, financial vocabulary, and seeing generationally. Students will walk away with a working financial vocabulary and a financial toolbox, equipped to begin planning for their future.

IT Pro Workshop

Quad Dunnaville | June 22-August 15
Mondays from 7-9 p.m. | $600

The IT Pro Workshop will prepare students for the Comptia A+ Certification. This certification grants the ability to gain an entry level IT job. The certification consists of passing two exams, 220-1001 and 220-1002. During the workshop, students will focus on preparing for the 220-1001 exam. The workshop will be 2 hours a week for 8 weeks.  At the end of the workshop, attendees will be ready to take the exam. Sessions will include material review, practice questions, and interactive activities. As a fun bonus, a Minecraft or CSGO server will be set up while the workshop is running.


High School Hacks Workshop

Samantha | August 17th-21st; 1-3 p.m.

If your student is entering high school or is already there, this is a great course for them! This workshop will help provide students with necessary skills to help them be successful throughout their 4 years of high school, and beyond. Paraphrasing, note-taking, study skills, and multi-step problem solving are some of the big topics we will cover! We’ll use peer collaboration along with small group instruction and independent work time to put these skills to use.


Financial Freedom: Take Control of Your Future

Chris Mann  | July 13-16; 3-5 p.m. | $215

The Financial Seminar: Take Control of Your Future will help adults learn more about managing and leveraging their finances. Topics covered include an evaluation of the student’s current financial approach, reallocation, diversification across asset classes, valuing assets, hedging, tax loss selling, and home equity. This seminar places specific emphasis on the value of patience and the danger of the herd mentality. Adults can expect to walk away with a deeper understanding of their finances and specific action steps to improve their financial health.

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