So Much More

I recently called a client, and when we got on the phone, she started sharing with me. She shared how her child was struggling academically and personally, her desire to help him, and her frustration through it all. She needed to be heard. Isn’t that what we all need? To feel heard and connected? Shortly after our phone call, I had a revelation about my purpose as a business owner and coach. I realized I am so much more than those things, and I would like to let you in on how I came to that conclusion.

Although I have been running this business for years, the uncertainty of this time has ironically made my purpose crystal clear: I am here to listen, serve, and support. I have always been passionate about those things, but the call I mentioned earlier put words to those whispers that have always been within my heart.

Support & Resources

The value my team and I bring our clients is a community of support and resources. I have given recommendations for doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, programs, and schools, and my tutors have helped students secure jobs and apartments. Sure, the academic coaching is important, but school will end someday. Life will not, so we ensure our students are as prepared as they can be for life. In that sense, our relationships with students and families never really end. They may go through different phases, but we are always here as a supportive community to cheer them on and equip them for anything life throws their way.

How We Refer

The way we recommend resources is similar to the way we coach. First, when we recommend a psychiatrist to a family, we recommend a personality that will mesh well with their current situation. Similarly, when we match students with a coach, we take personalities and interests into account. Additionally, in the actual coaching sessions, we do not lecture kids. They don’t need that! We work with what they are already doing (academically, athletically, personally) to incorporate executive functioning skills.

Second, we only refer students to resources we have experience with personally. This way, we are able to give true testimony about that resource and the way(s) it could help a certain student or family. Similarly, we have a strong relationship with our tutors; we know their strengths and their interests. This way, we are able to effectively forge great student-tutor relationships.


What makes Wright Academics unique is our ability to offer individualized, comprehensive support to both students and families. We can provide direction and guidance as well as a listening ear when necessary. We believe in community, in making learning fun, interactive, and engaging.

In this sense, Wright Academics is so much more than academic coaching, and I am so much more than its director.

If you are interested in learning more about our academic coaching or the resources we recommend, click HERE.

About Evelyn Wright

Evelyn Wright is the Director of Wright Academics, a tutoring business created to target kids’ specific needs. Her passion is helping students and families succeed so that they achieve their maximum potential in and out of the classroom.

With over 25 years of experience working with children and their families in public and private schools, as well as in private practice, Evelyn’s focus is understanding the individual’s learning profile, guiding families of children with learning differences and matching students to the tutor or coach that best fits the student. She believes in not only matching educational needs to the right tutor’s skills, but matching a student to the tutor with the right personality.