The Single Best Thing

The single best thing I have ever done for Wright Academics is invest in a business coach. Since then, I have been able to get out of the weeds, be more productive, and improve my short- and long-term processes. My business coach encourages my strengths and draws things out of me I did not know were there. She challenges me to be better and gives me strength to try new things. I feel empowered knowing I have a nonjudgmental mentor to turn to about any business decision I will ever make!

Why do I share this? I am sharing my experience working with a business coach because it is similar to working with an academic coach at Wright Academics! Working with an academic coach gives students the support they need to navigate challenges and uncertainty while becoming more confident in their strengths.

A Million Hats

When I was in the weeds with my business, I was trying to wear a million hats. I was trying to be a bookkeeper, social media manager, web developer, and administrator all while performing other tasks necessary for a business owner. The point? I was spread WAY too thin, and doing every job only left me feeling overwhelmed and stuck. At some point, when you try to do everything well, you end up doing nothing well. The beauty of having a business coach is she helped me put supports in place, so I could focus on directing my time and energy toward tasks I was meant to perform. We brought on a web developer, bookkeeper, administrator, and social media manager. Now? I can actually sleep at night! 

Many times, parents try to wear a million hats as well. They try to be their child’s teacher, counselor, coach, etc., but they end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when none of those roles pan out the way they had hoped. That is where we come in! Our coaches give students academic and executive functioning support, so parents are free to spend their time and energy doing what they are meant to do: be a parent. 

Academic Coaches

Our academic coaches help students in the areas where they are struggling. They help our students become more confident in their natural abilities, improve physical organization, and challenge our students to find ways of learning that work for them. Many academic programs can be very rigid and inflexible. We believe there is more than one way to learn and challenging students to find out how they learn best is invaluable for their academic careers and beyond.

Often, parents exclaim that investing in an academic coach is the best money they have ever spent! Most parents experience less tension and fighting with their students. I know from personal experience how freeing it can be to have the appropriate supports in place. Once an individual feels supported and empowered, their capacity to thrive and flourish is limitless!

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About Evelyn Wright

Evelyn Wright is the Director of Wright Academics, a tutoring business created to target kids’ specific needs. Her passion is helping students and families succeed so that they achieve their maximum potential in and out of the classroom.

With over 25 years of experience working with children and their families in public and private schools, as well as in private practice, Evelyn’s focus is understanding the individual’s learning profile, guiding families of children with learning differences and matching students to the tutor or coach that best fits the student. She believes in not only matching educational needs to the right tutor’s skills, but matching a student to the tutor with the right personality.