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Executive Function Coaching

One of Wright Academics’ specialities is working with students who struggle with Executive Functioning. Executive Functioning in our brains is like the conductor of an orchestra. It gives cues to other areas of the brain to help organize time, space, materials, and information. People that struggle with Executive Functioning have a hard time executing tasks in these areas. Just like an orchestra without a conductor, when someone is lacking in Executive Functioning skills, the result can be chaos. They might know information, but have a hard time organizing the information they know or managing their time to show what they actually understand. At Wright Academics, we provide many different strategies to help those who struggle with Executive Functioning. Sometimes this includes sitting down with students and helping them to plan out their daily assignments as well as long term projects. We often set up systems, planners, alarms in phones, etc. that will remind students to do the necessary tasks. Our coaches also help break down the assignments into manageable pieces so the students do not feel so overwhelmed. We desire to implement the most effective strategy for each student so that the main “conductor” of the brain can act properly and give results like that of a beautiful symphony.

Dyslexic Tutoring

Dyslexia is a language-based learning difference that effects a person’s ability to read with accuracy and fluency.  It can also create difficulty with reading comprehension, spelling, writing, and math.  Our desire is that every student with dyslexia will not only improve their reading to help with these areas in school, but that they will become lifelong readers.  This is accomplished through a professional screening assessment and tutoring by an educator trained in the Orton-Gillingham method of reading, writing, and spelling.  When students with Dyslexia gain tools to help them improve their reading, it opens them up to not only opportunities to excel in school, but also to the many adventures waiting for them inside of books.

Multi-Sensory Math

Our team applies multi-sensory instructional strategies to create lasting associations, improve memory and to make math more fun. Our approach begins with manipulative objects, then moves to pictures and finally to the number representation. This three tier approach is especially helpful to students with conceptual gaps in learning. Hands on work with manipulative objects is helpful to any student at any age who is struggling in math. The more the brain is involved in the learning process, the stronger the retention. The tutors work one-on-one with each student to provide the best learning experience.

Written Language

Tutors work with students to develop their vocabulary, brainstorm their ideas onto paper, and complete a final product that properly showcases their abilities.  Our services vary drastically as we help students develop in this area.  Our tutors help students write research papers, college essays, creative and expository assignments.  Tutors give students a template to work with and guide them through the whole writing process. Above all, we desire to give the students the tools and support to help them effectively and beautifully express themselves in writing.

Speech & Language

Vocabulary, grammar, word retrieval, formulation of thoughts, taking other people’s perspective in conversations – these are skills that some children must learn in a structured manner.  We help develop these skills so that students can effectively express themselves verbally.  We believe strong reading and writing skills are built upon strong speech and language skills.  Therefore, appropriate speech and language skills are a crucial piece to all of learning.  Our tutors help students learn these skills in a fun and interactive way.

Virtual Session Support for College Students!

In a nutshell, it’s like having an academic and personal cheerleader in your corner, right from the comfort of your own space! Are you a college student who needs support in content areas or executive function skills? Are you looking for virtual sessions? We can help. We work with many students both in person and online in virtual sessions. Our coaches are experienced in providing the best in academic content and executive function skills. So you can get the help you need whether near or far. Our goal is to make college life smoother, more enjoyable, and ultimately a successful experience for you.

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