Neighborhood Pods

 Tutoring Groups in Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Pods

  • Are you looking for some assistance at home this fall?

  • Do you have more than one student and have friends that also need assistance around you?

  • Do you want some help from a professional who can help your student when they get stuck? 

Wright Academics is excited to announce that we are providing tutors for neighborhood pods. 

What is a neighborhood pod? 

It is a group of 3 or more students that can come together for at least a 3 hour chunk of time in a location in their neighborhood.  We have qualified tutors who can help them get on their online classes, assist them when they get stuck on a subject, and guide them to some educational activities if they get finished with their assignments.

We are flexible with the times and the days of the neighborhood pods.  We are asking for 3-6 students per tutor and at least 3 hours a day.  Below you will find information about cost based on 3-6 students.  

3 or 4 students
1 day a week-$33 per hour/student
2 days a week-$30 per hour/student 
3 days a week-$25 per hour/student 
4 days a week-$22 per hour/student 
5 days a week-$20 per hour/student

5 or 6 students
1 day a week-$30 per student/hour
2 days a week-$25 per student/hour 
3 days a week-$20 per student/hour
4 days a week-$18 per student/hour
5 days a week-$15 per student/hour

You will pay a flat monthly rate for these services.  There is a 5% discount for anyone who pays for the entire fall. 

We have some flexibility on our neighborhood pods, so please contact us if you have any questions.  

We are excited to serve you in this unique time. 

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