The topic of homework for students can evoke many thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Some folks find homework to come fairly easily,  while others find it an arduous task and a waste of time. However, many educators and students alike agree that homework helps support the learning process inside and outside of the classroom. 

Whatever the reason, some kids find the topic of homework kinda prickly. And it is not about wanting to do it or not. It’s more likely that the students don’t know how to get started, they don’t understand the directions, or they just feel overwhelmed. The good news is… students CAN LEARN how to stay on top of homework and assignments with a little guidance.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits and advantages of providing consistent homework help or homework support for students:

1. Learning New Skills: Homework for students often introduces concepts and topics that may not have been fully covered in the classroom. It is the perfect opportunity for them to learn new skills. 

2. Reaching Desired Academic Goals: With consistent guidance and assistance from parents, tutors, and/or coaches, students can work on their assignments more easily, track their progress, and accomplish their academic goals. 

3. Reinforcing Newly Learned Material: By consistently working through their assignments with support, students revisit and strengthen the knowledge they learned in the classroom. This reinforcement ensures that the information stays fresh in their minds.

4. Meeting Assignment Requirements: Homework assignments come with specific requirements, which students are expected to meet. They often involve following instructions, completing tasks accurately, and in a timely manner, and adhering to formatting and citation guidelines. Tutors and coaches understand these and help students finish their homework the right way. 

5. Getting Good Grades: What’s every student’s goal? Getting good grades. Consistent homework support is directly linked to improved academic performance. When students receive guidance, clarification, and feedback on their assignments, they are more likely to complete tasks accurately, become more confident, and meet or exceed their desired grades. Better grades can open doors to many opportunities in academics and beyond.

Sometimes the biggest issues with homework have to do with Task Initiation, Prioritizing, Organization, and Planning. These are all under the umbrella of Executive Function.  Skills. Executive Functions are a set of mental skills we use to manage everyday life, including schoolwork and homework. Paying attention, following directions, organizing, planning, prioritizing, starting tasks, and staying on task, each impact our ability to start and complete homework.

Improving these essential skills and habits will serve them well throughout their educational journey and in their future endeavors.

Wright Academics has a regularly scheduled homework support program called Homework Helpers. This is offered at our beautiful tutoring center in Towson MD on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This program is available to students in Lower, Middle, and Upper School

A homework coach helps guide students through starting and completing an assignment, helps answer questions about directions, helps with logging and finding assignments, and can even help your student create a plan for tackling long-term assignments. With regular, dedicated time for supervised homework support, your student will have more time to enjoy sports practice, music lessons, dance lessons, family dinners, or just free time with friends and family.

I have witnessed firsthand how much a student grows, both academically and personally when they start to address their homework responsibilities with support. 

The students bloom in confidence and skills. 

The joy they feel from accomplishing tasks and assignments is undeniable

And this confidence and joy spill over into all areas of their lives.

Please visit the Homework Support section on our website for more information.


Thank you,

Karen Macfarlane