Wright Academics is Open this Fall

 Please see below for details about our new and innovative learning services for this upcoming school year.

Wright Academics is opening our space to serve students and families this fall.

Are you needing some assistance with your student’s school this year?
Do you feel overwhelmed at helping your student with school and working from home?
Do you want a place for your student to go to get out of the house for a couple of hours?

Wright Academics is opening our offices to students this fall. We want to offer a place where students can have assistance by a qualified professional tutor. We will have a floating teacher for every 5 students monitoring their work, answering questions or clarifying directions/concepts. This tutor will be available to help get the student online for classes. The tutor can help if the student gets stuck on an assignment or has a question about the online platform. Our offices are designed for students in mind. We have a ping pong table in the basement, dry erase boards in every room, games for students to engage with when their done. We take safety and cleaning very seriously so there will be limited spots so that we can safely social distance. 

Our offices will be open Monday-Friday from 9-12pm and 1-4pm for 3 hour sessions at a time. Packages are based on the number of days you sign up for a week.

  • 1 day a week (3 hours)- $135 per week ($45 per hour)
  • 2 days a week (6 hours)-$240 per week ($40 per hour)
  • 3 days a week (9 hours)-$315 per week ($35 per hour)
  • 4 days a week (12 hours)-$360 per week ($30 per hour)
  • 5 days a week (15 hours)-$375 per week ($25 per hour)
  • 5 days a week (30 hours-$600 per week ($20 per hour)

There will be a flat rate paid monthly.. 5% discount to anyone who pays for the whole semester up front. These are used in 3 hour increments at a time.

Please contact us with any questions and to sign up at callie@wrightacademics.com. We have a limited number of spaces so please respond to reserve a space for your student.

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