Executive Function One-Day Workshop

Executive functions are cognitive skills that allow us to operate efficiently and successfully both within and outside of academic scenarios. Real-life tasks often include an integration of more than one executive function skill, which is why understanding what they are, what they mean, and how they connect is crucial. Wright Academics will be hosting a one-day workshop with Chris Mann, one of our most experienced coaches! This 3-hour enrichment session will provide an opportunity for middle and high school students to spend time learning about a multitude of strategies to help sharpen these executive function skills as they head into the new school year. Some of the topics that Chris will be covering are study skills as well as preparing for quizzes and exams, organizational structures, conquering procrastination, active reading strategies, and critical thinking and analysis. The question that will be the guiding theme of this workshop is, what is executive function and how does it affect learning?

This Executive Function Workshop will be held at our office located on 304 W. Chesapeake Avenue in Towson, MD from 1pm-4pm. *Registration is Required*

Cost: $125

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